Michael Brody, Paradise Garage club founder

In 1977 the film Saturday Night Fever brought Disco music out of the underground.

In 1978

Paradise Garage club opened its doors.

Paradise Garage was a discotheque

with the best sound system in New York.



While Disco was dominantly a gay and black music,

Paradise Garage made

 all kinds of people enjoy that music.

The club’s own DJ Larry Levan made it legendary.

In his productions and live sets Levan experimented with

drum machines and synthesizers.


His sound was a genesis of House music.

Larry Levan

At the height of the disco boom in 1977, Levan was offered a residency at the Paradise Garage, which Michael Brody opened with Larry Levan in mind.

At the Paradise Garage, Levan was described as being worshipped, almost like a god, so even his parties were called a Saturday Mass, the entry to which was just for the members.


The 808 played an important role both in the studio and on stage when editing the Disco records and creating the first House releases.

Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer was one

of the first programmable drum machines.

This iconic drum machine is still being very respected and widely used by producers.


Frankie Knuckles, the DJ from New York brought Disco to Chicago and it became

even more popular among straight people.

The style of music that we now know as House was so named after a shortened description of the music type Knuckles was playing at the Warehouse club in Chicago.

Frankie Knuckles

Frankie Knuckles played an important role in developing and popularizing house music in the 1980s, when the genre was in its infancy.


Due to his importance in the development of the genre, Knuckles was often known as

"The Godfather of House Music."


In 1984 together with Jamie Principle Frankie Knuckles produced what is often counted as the first House record:

Your Love.



In 1987 it was released on Trax Records and catapulted into the charts in the U.S. and overseas.


A lot of producers recorded their tracks on cassettes and reel to reel tapes, which were then given to friends and DJs. This was also the case with Your Love in 1984.


In 1987 it got released on Trax Records in Chicago that is famous for the doubtful business practice and for pressing cheap records on the recycled vinyl that produced a lot of noise.

However, in return the world received some of the most cutting edge House producers like rankie Knuckles, Marshall Jefferson, Jamie Principle, Master C&J, Farley ‘Jackmaster’ Funk, Phuture and Larry Heard aka Mr Fingers.


In 1986 House music crossed the Atlantic to the club Haçienda in Manchester, where DJs Graeme Park and Mike Pickering educated the clubbers to the new music called House.


The Ibiza and Nude nights made the club famous.

Everyone was equal once inside, everyone there to enjoy the cutting edge music and legendary atmosphere. The Manchester's most famous people visited Haçienda to watch the world's best acts and DJs.


Haçienda helped Acid House burst onto the scene.


In 1987 the Haçienda DJ Mike Pickering together with Ritchie Close, Simon Topping release the first British House track.


It becomes very popular for its hypnotic piano with a Latino flavour.


The name of their band
T-Coy allegedly stands for 'Take Care Of Yourself'.


As House was rapidly becoming popular around the globe,
new sub-genres and even genres started to emerge.

Today House music is everywhere – in an underground club or in the charts. Tastes differ, but We Are House!

But it's not the end!

While working on this project we learnt that Frankie Knuckles, the Godfather of House Music,

passed away on March 31, 2014.

The day we were making a sketch of him.

In May the street party took place in Brooklyn, NY to commemorate the Paradise Garage  DJ

Larry Levan and to promote the petition

to rename the King Street, NYC,

where the club was located,

to Larry Levan Way.

We will continue working on the We Are House project and telling you more about what we are passionate about:

House music and how it appeared.

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